Pelican Lake Hotel 

A 9,500 square feet lake home for family reunions, special occasions, organization retreats, and group vacations on a beautiful 3,585-acre lake

Conveniently located at 745 Highway 45, Pelican Lake, WI 54463


We have the best view of the sunset, so peaceful, so relaxing. Photo by Judy Speckman. 

Welcome to the historic Pelican Lake Hotel! A National and Wisconsin registered historic building. We are happy to announce that we are now officially open all year round! 

The home where we cherish family, create intimate memories, and strengthen bonds of friendship and relationships. If you are looking for a place to hold your family reunions, special occasions, and group vacations, or a place where you can hold corporate, church, or any other organizational retreats, Pelican Lake Hotel is the ideal venue.

Experience the closeness of being together under one roof with total privacy! Enjoy the breathtaking lake view and the exquisite sunset! Connect with nature, and have fun on the water and on the snow! 

Come join our repeat families who have been making fun memories at the hotel for as long as 21 consecutive years and see it for yourself why they keep coming back and fall in love with Pelican Lake Hotel. This isn't just a building, but a home where family and friends gather, laugh together, and share memories that last a lifetime. 

Contact us at 312.385.9397 or e-mail us at for inquiry.


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